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Blazing Arrow

Features the bonus track 'Just What Can Happen'…

Submitted:Apr 21, 2006
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Blackalicious : Blazing Arrow

Best Hip Hop album ever. Especially if you enjoyed the movie 'Block Party.' It's an album with postive beats, amazing flow and the songs aren't about tits and ass.


Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection

While many of their peers were abandoning '70s metal and arena rock to hop the punk/new wave bandwagon, Def Leppard smartly stripped the earlier era's music of its excesses, bolstered it with energetic, pop-savvy hooks and quickly found itself the vanguard of the UK's new metal revival and one of the '80s most spectacularly successful rock acts. The first disc of this 35-track, two-and-a-half hour double-disc retrospective focuses on the familiar hits of their early MTV, platinum-selling prime, though the inclusion of the video edit/remixes of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and "Rocket" attempts to cast them in a more club-friendly contemporary groove…

Submitted:Mar 30, 2006
Brand:Island / Mercury
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Category:New Wave & Post-Punk
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Apple once again finds music as a marketing inspiration

Def Leppard: Rock of Ages album cover is very simular to the new Apple Hi-Fi window display. Is this another coincidence or a deliberate decision by apple marketing?


10,000 Days

Sonically relentless and visually groundbreaking only begin to describe the Tool experience. Formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1990, Tool has cemented themselves in today's hard music community with uncompromising attitude and vision. With just one EP and three album releases over a 15-year span, Tool has created a loyal and even rabid fan base, selling over 10 million albums and half a million videos in the U.S. alone…

Submitted:Mar 22, 2006
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Category:Alternative Rock
27 diggs • 12 comments • Mar 22, 2006

New Tool album "10,000 Days" available for pre-order on Amazon!

The long awaited Tool album is finally on Amazon, cover and all.


Live Friday the 13th (CD/DVD)

Featuring live performances of three #1 singles from their multi-platinum, worldwide breakthrough album - "This Love", "She Will Be Loved", and "Harder to Breathe"...also featuring the never before released songs, "Wasted Years" & the Oasis cover, "Hello".

DVD Extras: • Exclusive interview documentary with writer/director Mitch Glaser • Behind-the-scenes and live performance photo montage. • 5.1 stereo mix • Directed by acclaimed DVD director Russell Thomas (Coldplay, Dido)…

Submitted:Mar 20, 2006
Brand:A&M / Octone
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Category:Adult Alternative
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Amazon CONTINUES Selling Sony CDs With Broken DRM

Amazon’s Maroon 5 Live CD listing warns, "This Sony CD includes SunnComm MediaMax Version 5 content protection software that may expose security vulnerability when played on PCs." Seeing how it has been MONTHS since Sony was quite publicly requested to recall its MediaMax DRM'd CDs, WHAT ON EARTH IS AMAZON DOING STILL SELLING THIS TRASH?


Divine Comedy

You'd expect this to be a travesty. Milla Jovovich is a model and actress (The Fifth Element, He Got Game) who decided to put out an album of dark, lyrical art-rock in the manner of Dead Can Dance or This Mortal Coil. That's a demanding genre, littered with the bones and witchy jewelry of dozens of histrionic types who got the image thing right, but who never ironed out the "singing" and "songwriting" aspects of it all. Model? Actress? (Gong!) ... Next! Except The Divine Comedy is a stunningly good album, with folky-pastoral instrumentation, haunting, accomplished vocals, and tight songwriting…

Submitted:Mar 20, 2006
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Category:Dance & Electronic
10 diggs • 5 comments • Mar 20, 2006

Milla Jovovich

After listening to Diggnation Episode #36 talking about Milla Jovovich. It reminded me of when I was younger she was a singer who just went by Milla her album was called "Gentlemen Who Fell". Great music if you get a chance to hear it. Decent voice.


Super Colossal


Submitted:Mar 17, 2006
Brand:Epic Records
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Category:Hard Rock & Metal
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Joe Satriani releases new Album

Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani releases his latest album called "Super Colossal". Reviews are good and...


Mtv Unplugged

First they went platinum...Now they're going green. Your best loved music in its simplest form. 20 best-selling "Greatest Hits" & "Best of" collections now available in a new eco-friendly package. 1CD in card wallet packaging - no plastic, no booklet - just great music! Booklets are available online through a unique URL on the package…

Submitted:Mar 16, 2006
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Amazon Continues Selling Sony CDs With Broken DRM!!!

The linked Amazon music page includes the warning, "This Sony CD includes SunnComm MediaMax Version 5 content protection software that may expose security vulnerability when played on PCs." Seeing how it has been months since Sony was quite publicly requested to recall its MediaMax DRMd CDs, WHAT ON EARTH IS AMAZON DOING STILL SELLING THIS TRASH?


One More Song

Japanese limited edition pressing of his 1980 album. This remastered version comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. CBS. 2005…

Submitted:Jan 16, 2006
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9 diggs • 5 comments • Jan 16, 2006

one CD for $75.99??!? Yeah, Sony, that's the way to go.

I was looking to replace this great album I have on LP with the CD version... I guess not. Sony and Amazon, this is a great way to encourage people to buy your music and not pirate it... yeah right.


No Direction Home: The Soundtrack (The Bootleg Series Vol. 7)

Book-ended with an embryonic recording made by a high school friend and a live, boisterous take of "Like a Rolling Stone" less than seven years later, the fifth release in the Bob Dylan Bootleg series (and the soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's Dylan documentary of the same name) proffers just how far the folk idol turned rock star had come between his last year in a Minnesota high school and 1966's contentious UK tour…

Submitted:Dec 24, 2005
Brand:Columbia/ Legacy
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Category:Classic Rock
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Bob Dylan's No Direction Home

AKA Bootleg Series Volume 7


Underworld Evolution

"Underworld" and its accompanying soundtrack albums are perhaps the most thoughtful, valued and respected genre film soundtracks in the proud tradition of "The Matrix" and "The Crow."

As "Underworld: Evolution" continues the saga of the story, so does the new Soundtrack Album continue the tone set musically. On this new album is the exclusive debut solo recording from Chester Bennington, and a new exclusive recording by Puscifer. Chester Bennington is best known as the lead singer of iconic rock band Linkin Park…

Submitted:Dec 16, 2005
Brand:Lakeshore Records
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Category:Goth & Industrial
12 diggs • 6 comments • Dec 16, 2005

Underworld Evolution Soundtrack - Metal, Industrial, Emo, and Rock

Don't buy from this link, highly overpriced, only use for tracklist. In Order: Puscifer (feat Maynard of Tool), Chester Bennington (of Linkin Park), Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Alkaline Trio, Aiden, Senses Fail, Atreyu, Trivium, Mendozza, Lacuna Coil, Gosling, Bobby Gold, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cradle of Filth.