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Busboys' Paradise

The hilarious hip-hop/rap hit from Andy Milonakis and Max Kasch aka Nick and T-Dog, as featured in the movie WAITING..…

Submitted:Dec 13, 2005
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Category:Rap & Hip-Hop
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Busboys' - Paradise EP (Andy Milonakis from the movie Waiting)

CD not available in stores.



This debut album for G4 went double platinum in the UK.Success that is much deserved.The album is a lovely blend of classical, pop and ballads. Sony. 2005…

Submitted:Nov 28, 2005
Brand:Sony/Bmg Int'l
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Category:Easy Listening
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Some G4 media Fan boys had the audacity of Calling their Boy Band after G4

Jeez, where to start on THIS? Oh man, you won't believe your ears. Honestly. That noise of fingernails down a blackboard And Watching the man show standing on my head? It's like listening to Cher for 10 minutes compared to this.


Firefly (Original Television Soundtrack)

Composer Greg Edmonson created a flavorful, guitar-based score for the adventures of the crew of Serenity. CD features exclusive bonus tracks…

Submitted:Nov 9, 2005
Brand:Varese Sarabande
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Firefly Soundtrack available

No, I don't mean the DRM-crippled Windows-only version that was available a while back from Fox Music. This is the real deal, on (it appears) non-DRM'd CD. I've got mine, and it rocks.


The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring (The Complete Recordings)

An epic film score receives epic treatment with The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring/Complete Recordings. Released for the first time on CD, the complete score for the first film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy contains more than 180 minutes of music on three CDs plus a DVD-Audio disc of the entire score in Surround Sound. Breathtaking and majestic, the 2001 Oscar and Grammy winning score compsted by Howard Shore also includes Enya's Oscar nominated "May It Be." For fans of any of The Lord of the Rings films, the Fellowship of the Ring/Complete Recordings is an essential experience…

Submitted:Nov 2, 2005
Brand:Reprise / Wea
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Category:Vocal Pop
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Fellowship Of The Ring Complete Sountrack Artwork/Track List

Check it out! Cant Wait!

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Fellowship Of The Ring Complete Sountrack Artwork/Track List

Coming out in December, 3 hours of FOTR music and a DVD-Audio of the entire soundtrack. Cant get any better than that!


In Your Honor

The DVD side of disc one contains a ‘making of the album’ documentary video and an enhanced stereo version of disc one. The DVD side of disc two features a hi-res DVD audio surround sound version of disc two…

Submitted:Oct 26, 2005
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Category:American Alternative
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Reviewer Rips DRM on New CD

Another person who wants to listen to his/her music where and when they want to and not as determined by the CD manufacturer... Says he wont be buying anymore DRM Protected CD's....


Grey's Anatomy

The "Grey's Anatomy" soundtrack features an eclectic mix of indie pop and rock artists whose music was heard during the first season of Grey's Anatomy--a wildly popular ABC drama about surgical interns in Seattle.

The soundtrack features electrifying music from such beloved indie artists as Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service, Ben Lee, and Medeski, Martin & Wood, as well as undiscovered talent such as London-based electropop duo Psapp, who supply the show's main title song "Cosy in the Rocket."

Submitted:Sep 20, 2005
Brand:Hollywood Records
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Category:Indie & Lo-Fi
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'Grey's Anatomy' soundtrack to be released

In my opinion, some of the best music to come out of a TV series in a while will be released on Sept. 27.


Very Best of

Import compilation for the International pop star best-known in the US for his TV shows Knight Rider & Baywatch. 16 tracks including the hit 'Looking For Freedom' & 'I Believe - Theme From Baywatch'. 2001…

Submitted:Aug 31, 2005
Brand:Bmg Int'l
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Category:Broadway & Vocalists
14 diggs • 2 comments • Aug 31, 2005

David Hasselhoff CD Reviews on Amazon - Absolutely Hilarious!

This is the link to customer reviews of the Best Of David Hasselhoff CD on Amazon. Word is getting around the web that users should write "Ironic" reviews of his albums. The reviews are absolutely hilarious, especially from one star reviews not in on the gag...!

10 diggs • 3 comments • Sep 21, 2005

Ironic David Hasselhoff CD Reviews on Amazon - Hilarious!

From Knightrider to Baywatch to the Berlin Wall to SpongeBob, David Hasselhoff is a man of many talents and the leading US music artist in Germany. Fans of "Der Hoff" are therefore paying homage and leaving "5 star" reviews on Amazon. These ironic reviews will bring you out in tears... of laughter!!!



Submitted:Jul 25, 2005
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Category:Alternative Rock
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Amazon labeling copy protected CD's as so

In the title of the CD, Amazon will include the words [COPY PROTECTED CD]. The link goes to an example.


Retaliation (W/Dvd)

Following Cook's debut CD/DVD "Harmful if Swallowed", is this double CD of over 100 minutes of new material plus a companion DVD of some of his best Comedy Central appearances from "Crank Yankers" to "Shorties Watchin'" to "Unedited Bar Mitzvah Bash". Dane is one of the top stand-up comedians working today, headlining sold out shows coast to coast. He's had his own top-rated Comedy Central special, and performed countless times on Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, and "Comics Come Home" hosted by Denis Leary…

Submitted:Jun 17, 2005
Brand:Comedy Central
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Dane Cook's New CD -+- Retaliation

Dane Cook R0X! So his new CD, which is a double + DVD, is going to rock as well. Be sure to pre-order ;)


Make Believe (Dig)

Taking three-years between albums has made Weezer grow slower and more sober. But on its fifth disc the Los Angeles quartet is no more secure about its place in the world than it was a decade ago in longing tunes like "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here." Singer Rivers Cuomo, still struggling with adolescence at 34, is all apologies…

Submitted:May 10, 2005
Brand:Geffen Records
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Category:Hardcore & Punk
9 diggs • 2 comments • May 10, 2005

Weezer's new album Make Believe released today.

Weezer's first album in 3 years is released today. It sounds a bit more like the Weezer of the Blue Album and Pinkerton. Check it out.

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