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The Death of Tragedy

The original Queensbridge rhymer and Juice Crew legend follows up his five critically acclaimed albums, "The Intelligent Hoodlum", "Tragedy", "Saga Of A Hoodlum", "Against All Odds" and "Still Reporting" as well as his recent 'Thug Matrix' mix CD editions with an all new full-length that is sure to take the streets by storm. 'Trag' is credited with discovering and developing Platinum selling Queensbridge alums Capone N' Noreaga and Mobb Deep, as well as launching his infamous record company, 25 To Life which released the underground classics "LA LA", "Blood Type" and "Strange Fruit" with Pete Rock…

Submitted:Jun 6, 2007
Brand:Traffic Entertainment/25toLife
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Tragedy Khadafi: The Death Of Tragedy

One of the greatest alive coming out with a new one that you can't miss.


Year Zero

From the Artist This record began as an experiment with noise on a laptop in a bus on tour somewhere. That sound led to a daydream about the end of the world. That daydream stuck with me and over time revealed itself to be much more. I believe sometimes you have a choice in what inspiration you choose to follow and other times you really don't. This record is the latter. Once I tuned into it, everything fell into place... as if it were meant to be. With a framework established, the songs were very easy to write. Things started happening in my "real" life that blurred the lines of what was fiction and what wasn't…

Submitted:Apr 18, 2007
Brand:Nothing Records
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Category:Goth & Industrial
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Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero Released!

Make sure to visit the Bureau of Morality -- (Hidden Link within the Album Art). You got it on Digg first!


Sinking The Tide

Merging the ecstatic vocals of Alicia Eileen and Janell Rodriguez with the distinctive production style of Fletcher, Seven Minus Zero has created a cinematic journey of words and music. Combining elements of Electronica, Dance and Ambient Pop, this trio from NYC has created a unique hybrid of sound that can only be described as atmospheric, yet danceable…

Submitted:Mar 26, 2007
Brand:Bluleaf Recordings
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Category:Dance Pop
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Reviewer Owns Band's Attempt to Fake Reviews

There's an up and coming band named Seven Minus Zero. Crappy Synth, but besides the point. They decided to lie to customers on the Itunes music store & Amazon by posting fake reviews. The reviewer catches them in a lie. READ THE REVIEWS, COMMENTS, AND HAVE A LAUGH! I guess Sony isnt the only one to lie for a crappy product.


Neon Bible (W/Book) (Dlx)

The second album from Montreal's Arcade Fire exceeds all expectations. With string and orchestral arrangements by two of the band members, "Neon Bible" is full of both half-assed punk rock mistakes and meticulously orchestrated woodwinds. Processed strings and mandolin. Quiet rumbles and loud rumbles. But mostly just eleven songs that the band thinks are really good. The deluxe CD version is packaged in a hinged box with two 32-page flip books designed by the band. The LP is double 180-gram audiophile quality with three sides of music and an etching on the fourth side. The LP also includes a coupon for a free MP3 download of "Neon Bible"…

Submitted:Mar 10, 2007
Brand:Merge Records
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Category:Indie & Lo-Fi
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New Arcade Fire Album: Neon Bible

The Arcade Fire deviates from their first album and presents a more well rounded production.


Waking Giants

Submitted:Feb 14, 2007
Brand:Solid State Records
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Category:Hardcore & Punk
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New "Life in Your Way" Album Cover

Front cover for Life in Your Way's new CD "Waking Giants"...In stores everywhere March 6.


Paradise Lost

The masters of Symphonic Power Metal are back!

Symphony X are recognized by-and-large as one the most important acts in the worldwide metal scene. After the release of their hugely successful CD, The Odyssey - and after nearly five years - Michael Romeo and his band have returned with what is already being praised as their best work to date. Paradise Lost has all the trademarks that have come to be associated with Symphony X: Incredibly intricate and powerful, yet-melodic compositions that showcase every member's unrivaled technical skill as instrumentalists…

Submitted:Jan 29, 2007
Brand:inside out
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Category:Hard Rock & Metal
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Amazon: Pre-order now, availiable 2025

title says it all


FutureSex / LoveSounds

Come Along with JT through his own groovin' universe of FutureSex/LoveSounds, co-written by Justin Timberlake and produced by Justin Timberlake, JAWBreakers, Timbaland,, and Rick Rubin, among others. Guest artists include TI, Three Six Mafia, and Hezekiah Walker. Obviously, there is no shortage of talent…

Submitted:Jan 25, 2007
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Category:Dance & Electronic
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Justin Timberlake - FutureSex / LoveSounds

One spin of FutureSex/LoveSounds and it's hard to believe that Justin Timberlake was ever a boy-band barnstormer--no modern-day male artist beats him when it comes to single-minded self assurance or suavity. "SexyBack," the inescapable summer sizzler of a first single off this short and thrillingly unwholesome disc, makes that clear on its own:



Daughtry DAUGHTRY Label: RCA Release Date: 11/21/2006 1 It's Not Over - 3:35 2 Used To - 3:32 3 Home - 4:15 4 Over You - 3:27 5 Crashed - 3:31 6 Feels Like Tonight - 4:01 7 What I Want - 2:48 8 Breakdown - 4:01 9 Gone - 3:21 10 There and Back Again - 3:15 11 All These Lives - 3:24 12 What About Now - 4:10

Submitted:Jan 24, 2007
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Category:Adult Alternative
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Daughtry (Audio CD) tagged "rock" 121 times

Daughtry (Audio CD)By Daughtry Buy new: $10.49123 used and new from $2.92 Customer Rating: Customer tags: chris daughtry(187), american idol(148), daughtry(133), rock(121), alternative rock(39), music(39), rock music(31), elliott yamin(18), nickelback(16), overrated(11), hot(8), fuel(6)

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Daughtry (Audio CD) tagged "rock" 121 times

Daughtry (Audio CD)By Daughtry Buy new: $10.49109 used and new from $3.50 Customer Rating: Customer tags: chris daughtry(187), american idol(148), daughtry(133), rock(121), alternative rock(39), music(39), rock music(31), elliott yamin(18), nickelback(16), overrated(11), hot(8), fuel(6)

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Chris Daughtry starts his first post-American Idol disc with a song whose title reviewers coast to coast will be grateful for: "It's Not Over." What an understatement. For the Idol-watching rock fan's money, nobody--not even Southern-fried heartthrob Bo Bice in season four--stormed the stage with more raw talent. That it translates....


Dreamgirls: Music From The Motion Picture [2-CD Deluxe Edition]

Dreamgirls Deluxe Edition features cast performances by Beyonce' Knowles, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson & Eddie Murphy which includes: 2 CD-Set * 36 songs * 36 page lyric and photo booklet

Submitted:Jan 21, 2007
Brand:Columbia/Urban Soundtrax
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The big question about this soundtrack is: how's she doing? No, not Beyoncé, silly--how's Jennifer Hudson doing? And more specifically, how's she doing by "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"? To this reviewer's ears, she doesn't top the original Effie, Jennifer Holliday--or even Lillias White, from the 2001 Dreamgirls in Concert.


Be a Man

Submitted:Jan 20, 2007
Brand:Big 3 Records
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Macho Man Randy Savage's Underhyped Rap Debut

Wrestling star Macho Man Randy Savage's 2003 rap album "Be A Man," smashing long time sales records by sports entertainers worldwide.

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funny Amazon reivew of Randy Macho Man Savage's rap album

Scroll down a bit and read Chuck Schalinski's review of Randy Macho Man Savage's rap album Be a Man. One of the best reviews I have ever read on Amazon.