For the Ride Home (Bonus CD)

Submitted:Aug 14, 2007
Brand:Hollywood Records
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3 diggs • 1 comment • Aug 14, 2007

Is this the long lost brother of Kevin Rose?

I have never heard any of this guys music but he reminded me of so much of Kevin Rose.


Firefly (Original Television Soundtrack)

Composer Greg Edmonson created a flavorful, guitar-based score for the adventures of the crew of Serenity. CD features exclusive bonus tracks…

Submitted:Nov 9, 2005
Brand:Varese Sarabande
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14 diggs • 0 comments • Nov 9, 2005

Firefly Soundtrack available

No, I don't mean the DRM-crippled Windows-only version that was available a while back from Fox Music. This is the real deal, on (it appears) non-DRM'd CD. I've got mine, and it rocks.