Straight Outta Lynwood

"Weird Al" continues to reward his countless fans around the globe with yet another collection of insanely incisive musical comedy. As a special bonus, Straight Outta Lynwood will be available on DualDisc. which will include all original animations of all Al's original tracks! All-star animations include Academy Award nominee Bill Plympton, John Kricfalusi (Ren and Stimpy), Seth Green and Matt Senreich (Robot Chicken/Adult Swim, Family Guy). Also featured are Karaoke versions of the entire album including a scrolling lyric sheet for each track. As if that wasn't enough the Dual Disc also contains a behind-the-scenes featurette…

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Weird Al - Straight outta lynwood Cd

The all new Weird Al Yankovic CD, Straight outta lynwood, is released on Tuesday, September 26th 2006. hurry, while supplies last!


Retaliation (W/Dvd)

Following Cook's debut CD/DVD "Harmful if Swallowed", is this double CD of over 100 minutes of new material plus a companion DVD of some of his best Comedy Central appearances from "Crank Yankers" to "Shorties Watchin'" to "Unedited Bar Mitzvah Bash". Dane is one of the top stand-up comedians working today, headlining sold out shows coast to coast. He's had his own top-rated Comedy Central special, and performed countless times on Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, and "Comics Come Home" hosted by Denis Leary…

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Dane Cook's New CD -+- Retaliation

Dane Cook R0X! So his new CD, which is a double + DVD, is going to rock as well. Be sure to pre-order ;)