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Nature Sounds with Brainwave Entrainment and Meditation Music - "Nature Wonders"

Mini-Sync audio is a new and fresh way to enjoy and experience brainwave entrainment. Each track is designed to give you a quick entrainment boost within a few minutes, with all the benefits of a regular session. Nature Wonders features seven tracks each containing rich audio from sources of nature, combined with soothing music and powerful brainwave entrainment. [Album Length: 68 minutes]

CD Tracks:

1. Forest - Theta Frequency

2. Night - Delta Frequency

3. Rain - Alpha Frequency

4. Sea - Alpha Frequency

5. River - Theta Frequency

6. Thunder - Alpha Frequency

7. Waterfall - Theta Frequency…

Submitted:Jul 2, 2012
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Category:New Age
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Such tracks may feature nature sounds such as running water or crackling flames, pink/brown noise or synthesised sounds that are soothing in nature. Music tracks and nature sounds - A wide variety of sounds that will keep you entertained are important.