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"DECEMBERUNDERGROUND is a time and a place. It is where the cold can huddle together in darkness and isolation. It is a community of those detached and disillusioned who flee to love, like winter, in the recesses below the rest of the world."-Davey Havok

DECEMBERUNDERGROUND is also the title of AFI's seventh album. And like much of the record's lyrical and visual imagery, it seems to stand in stark contrast to the name behind the band's world-renowned moniker: A Fire Inside. Then again, the brightest flames burn white-they just don't burn bright for long•

"There's a lot more attention to detail on this record," Jade recalls. "We spent a long time writing it…

Submitted:Jun 28, 2006
Brand:Interscope Records
Total comments:296
Category:Goth & Industrial
1363 diggs • 296 comments • Jun 28, 2006 Hacked By Music Elitists?

Band names and album titles of popular emotional rock groups have mysteriously changed on's databases. (Other noticeable changed besides the linked group are Panic! at the Disco and the All-American Rejects.) What does this mean for Amazon's security?



Ctrl-Alt-Del is the second offering from New York City three-piece The Diggs. It expands on the aesthetic laid forth by their well received 2005 debut Commute while refining their trademark big sound with leaner and more concise arrangements.

The tone of the record is frantic and at times haunting. However, there is a glimmer of hope embedded throughout, where disillusion is broached with nostalgia, and angst is juxtaposed with optimism.

The result is twelve cinematic songs about redemption…

Submitted:Mar 10, 2008
Brand:Sugarspun Records
Total comments:8
Category:Indie & Lo-Fi
85 diggs • 8 comments • Mar 10, 2008

If this isn't Digg Bait. . .I don't know what is. . .

Artist = The Diggs. . .Album Title = ctrl-alt-del


The Beatles Stereo Box Set

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Submitted:Sep 30, 2009
Brand:The Beatles
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Category:British Invasion
53 diggs • 0 comments • Sep 30, 2009

The Beatles Stereo Box Set $194.99 Ouch!

Finally, The Sound Quality The Beatles Deserve!!. but at what price?After more than 22 years of having The Beatles' albums on CD, we are finally treated to the definitive box set of Beatles music. This time, the folks at EMI and Apple finally got things right for a change.

1 diggs • 0 comments • Nov 17, 2010 The Beatles Stereo Box Set: The Beatles: Music The Beatles Stereo Box Set: The Beatles: Music


Love Is Gone

Dommin is the sound of the brokenhearted, explains Kristofer Dommin, frontman for the Los Angeles quartet that puts a very fresh spin on a very familiar pain. Dommin are inviting everyone to join them in the dark introspection that goes hand in hand with heartbreak. On their Roadrunner Records debut, Love Is Gone, Dommin delves into complex relationships, damaged psyches and much more. The origins of Dommin can be traced back to 2000, when Kristofer formed the band in San Dimas, just outside of Los Angeles…

Submitted:Dec 19, 2010
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Category:Alternative Rock
28 diggs • 0 comments • Dec 19, 2010 Love Is Gone: Dommin: Music Love Is Gone: Dommin: Music


10,000 Days

Sonically relentless and visually groundbreaking only begin to describe the Tool experience. Formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1990, Tool has cemented themselves in today's hard music community with uncompromising attitude and vision. With just one EP and three album releases over a 15-year span, Tool has created a loyal and even rabid fan base, selling over 10 million albums and half a million videos in the U.S. alone…

Submitted:Mar 22, 2006
Total comments:12
Category:Alternative Rock
27 diggs • 12 comments • Mar 22, 2006

New Tool album "10,000 Days" available for pre-order on Amazon!

The long awaited Tool album is finally on Amazon, cover and all.


Mtv Unplugged

First they went platinum...Now they're going green. Your best loved music in its simplest form. 20 best-selling "Greatest Hits" & "Best of" collections now available in a new eco-friendly package. 1CD in card wallet packaging - no plastic, no booklet - just great music! Booklets are available online through a unique URL on the package…

Submitted:Mar 16, 2006
Total comments:6
26 diggs • 6 comments • Mar 16, 2006

Amazon Continues Selling Sony CDs With Broken DRM!!!

The linked Amazon music page includes the warning, "This Sony CD includes SunnComm MediaMax Version 5 content protection software that may expose security vulnerability when played on PCs." Seeing how it has been months since Sony was quite publicly requested to recall its MediaMax DRMd CDs, WHAT ON EARTH IS AMAZON DOING STILL SELLING THIS TRASH?


Very Best of

Import compilation for the International pop star best-known in the US for his TV shows Knight Rider & Baywatch. 16 tracks including the hit 'Looking For Freedom' & 'I Believe - Theme From Baywatch'. 2001…

Submitted:Aug 31, 2005
Brand:Bmg Int'l
Total comments:5
Category:Broadway & Vocalists
14 diggs • 2 comments • Aug 31, 2005

David Hasselhoff CD Reviews on Amazon - Absolutely Hilarious!

This is the link to customer reviews of the Best Of David Hasselhoff CD on Amazon. Word is getting around the web that users should write "Ironic" reviews of his albums. The reviews are absolutely hilarious, especially from one star reviews not in on the gag...!

10 diggs • 3 comments • Sep 21, 2005

Ironic David Hasselhoff CD Reviews on Amazon - Hilarious!

From Knightrider to Baywatch to the Berlin Wall to SpongeBob, David Hasselhoff is a man of many talents and the leading US music artist in Germany. Fans of "Der Hoff" are therefore paying homage and leaving "5 star" reviews on Amazon. These ironic reviews will bring you out in tears... of laughter!!!


Talk That Talk

Submitted:Nov 5, 2011
Brand:Def Jam
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21 diggs • 2 comments • Nov 5, 2011


Rihanna - Talk that talk songs



Submitted:Jul 25, 2005
Total comments:5
Category:Alternative Rock
20 diggs • 5 comments • Jul 25, 2005

Amazon labeling copy protected CD's as so

In the title of the CD, Amazon will include the words [COPY PROTECTED CD]. The link goes to an example.


Tobacco Road

Common Market's Tobacco Road showcases true flowing intelligence from MC RA Scion over DJ/Producer Sabzi's [also of Blue Scholars] most creative and melodic compositions to-date. It is laden with heavy introspection and RA Scion's staunch personal convictions on life, love and art with meaning. As important as the incredible lyricism is to this album, so is its groove and fantastic production. Sabzi has prepared a masterpiece complete with hard-hitting drums, soul-drenched samples and authentic piano compositions. Hip-hop at the cutting edge…

Submitted:Sep 5, 2008
Total comments:0
19 diggs • 0 comments • Sep 5, 2008

Amazon Hip-Hop CD Release "Tobacco Road" by Common Market

Common Market's "Tobacco Road" displays true intelligence from MC RA Scion over DJ/Producer Sabzi's most creative and melodic beats to-date. It is laden with introspection and RA Scion's staunch personal convictions on life, love and art. This is a masterpiece complete with hard-hitting drums, soul-drenched samples and authentic piano compositions.

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