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Press Releases

May 18, 2011  →  Amazigg Offers the Ability to "Digg" into the Most Popular Products on Amazon (DOC) (PDF)



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What The Reviewers Say

Amazigg: + Digg = Hilarity
"Amazigg, a mashup of data from and Digg, is filled with items that are not just slightly amusing – I’m talking, “can’t catch your breath you’re laughing so hard” funny. It’s “make you laugh so hard you cry” funny. Trust me…" - Amazon Products On Digg
"Amazigg is a quick and different way to find cool products on Amazon. Basically, on this site you can see these Amazon products that have been submitted to Digg, and that are standing out there for any reason or the other. Items that are hard to find, that come at a great price, that are just plain weird... these are the kind of products that Amazigg will let you find in a matter of minutes…"

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