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Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker System

The Logitech X-530 immerses you in the best gaming sound. Get clean, crisp, consistent surround sound from your games, movies, and more. Its high-tech subwoofer adjusts itself dynamically to deliver distortion-free bass. Five wall-mountable satellite speakers eliminate uneven sound response for a clear, uniform sound field without the "hot spots" and inconsistency of other dual-driver satellites. Master volume and subwoofer level controls placed for quick, convenient access Headphone jack enables private listening Satellite speaker stands rotate for easy wall mounting Black finish

Submitted:Feb 23, 2005
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Category:Computer Speakers
54 diggs • 3 comments • Feb 23, 2005

Logitech X-530 5.1 5-Piece System with Sub woofer Speaker - $44.94

This was previously listed at $90 w/ mail in rebate.Now it is just $44.94 total purchase price with free shipping.


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess brings you back tot he land of Hyrule, as you uncover the mystery behind its plunge into darkness. Link, a young man raised as a wrangler in a rural village, is ordered by the mayor to attend the Hyrule Summit. He sets off, oblivious to the dark fate that has descended upon the kingdom. When he enters the Twilight Realm that has covered Hyrule, he transforms into a wolf and is captured. A mysterious figure helps him break free, and with the aid of her magic, they set off to free the land from the shadows…

Submitted:Sep 21, 2005
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17 diggs • 5 comments • Sep 21, 2005

Release Date For The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess, on now has The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess for the GameCube available for pre-order for a proposed May, 15th 2006 release date. Selling price is $49.99.

10 diggs • 2 comments • May 10, 2006

Wii release date possibly leaked on Amazon?

They're releasing the GC version of TP on Nov 15. That would might mighty close to PS3 release but still technically before it as stated at the press conference.

9 diggs • 2 comments • May 26, 2006

Amazon accepting Twilight Princess (GameCube) pre-orders

Available November 15, 2006.

6 diggs • 3 comments • May 6, 2006

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Release Date

Amazon has just changed their posted release date for the Twilight princess from May 15 to November 15. And the wait continues...

5 diggs • 0 comments • May 11, 2006

Zelda Twilight Princess (GC) Preorder (Maybe Wii Launch Date?)

The new Zelda is available for pre-order for the GameCube. This is also a launch title for the Wii. Could November 15th be the launch date for the Wii?

4 diggs • 4 comments • Mar 24, 2006

Zelda: Twilight Princess:May 15th

This is from amazon!! I've been waiting for this game forever, this one and FFXII

2 diggs • 1 comment • Feb 15, 2006

Zelda Twilight Princess

Despite a previous post a while back this title is indeed being released May 15th 2006. Looks like the Game cube hasn't completely lost its luster yet.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete Second Season

The time: today. The stakes: all our tomorrows. A nascent AI, assisted by droids, continues to edge toward world domination and the ruin of humankind. It accepts no limits. It fears no one. Except John Connor. The machines know John, now 16, is the future head of the resistance. They know he is growing in abilities. They must find and terminate him. But Sarah Connor is there, protecting and instructing her son as he becomes the man he’s destined to be. The hunt is on in a season of powerful revelations, breathless pursuits and bravura effects…

Submitted:Apr 20, 2009
Brand:Warner Brothers
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Category:Action & Adventure
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Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 2 - Pre order!

Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau, Brian Austin Green, Garret Dillahunt, Shirley Manson, Leven Rambin, Richard T. Jones


Priorities College Parody Demotivational Poster Print - 24x36

Priorities College Parody Demotivational Poster Print - 24x36

Submitted:Feb 25, 2009
Brand:Poster Revolution
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Category:Prints & Posters
53 diggs • 5 comments • Feb 25, 2009

Priorities Scale Beer College Drinking Funny New Art Poster

Great funny poster print - Priorities :)))


Apple MacBook Air 13.3" Laptop (1.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB Solid-State Drive)

With the MacBook Air, Apple has created the world's thinnest laptop--measuring an unprecedented 0.16-inches at its thinnest point (and 0.76 inches thick overall). Apple also introduces its vaunted multi-touch technology, found on the iPhone, to its laptops with the MacBook Air, enabling you to pinch, swipe, or rotate to zoom in on text, advance through a photo album, or adjust an image via the oversized trackpad.

Despite the its slender shell, the MacBook Air doesn't skimp on the specifications. It includes a 13.3-inch LED-backlit widescreen display, full-size and backlit keyboard, and a built-in iSight video camera for video conferencing…

Submitted:Jan 16, 2008
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53 diggs • 5 comments • Jan 16, 2008

MacBook Air, available Amazon shipment on December 31, 2021

Ah, teh impotence of proofreading. From Amazon's live page. Availability date could indicate pre-sales are going, ahem, quite well. :P


Canon PowerShot SD110 3MP Digital Elph with 2x Optical Zoom

Cl) int) canon powershot sd110 dig

Submitted:Mar 2, 2005
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Category:Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
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Canon PowerShot SD110 3MP Digital Elph $149.88 Shipped

The SD110features 3.2-megapixel resolution; 2x optical zoom; nine-point artificial-intelligence autofocus (AiAF) for accurate, automatic focus; and a movie mode with sound.


The Bush Boom: How a Misunderestimated President Fixed a Broken Economy

When he took the oath of office, President George W. Bush already faced recession and economic upheaval. As the economy threatened to move into an even deeper recession, he resolved to pursue an economic policy that included unprecedented tax cuts. What’s the result of Bush’s low-tax economic program? Jerry Bowyer confronts the critics and offers clear and convincing evidence that the Bush Administration fixed a broken economy, boosting the fastest economic turnaround since President Ronald Reagan…

Submitted:May 28, 2009
Author:Jerry Bowyer
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51 diggs • 6 comments • May 28, 2009

Massive WTF: "The Bush Boom"

"The Bush Boom: How a Misunderestimated President Fixed a Broken Economy [BARGAIN PRICE] (Paperback)" Check out the reviews, as well. No wonder it's "discount price"

1 diggs • 0 comments • May 28, 2009

Massive 'WTF' :

"The Bush Boom: How a Misunderestimated President Fixed a Broken Economy [BARGAIN PRICE] (Paperback)"Check out the reviews, as well.No wonder it's "discount price"


Out of Harm's Way

Jack Thompson eats giants for breakfast. Just ask media giant and shock-jock Howard Stern, who ranted on air about the "one lunatic lawyer" who got him kicked off the air. Jack, an outraged father and activist lawyer, is on a mission to protect children from the violent and obscene video games, music lyrics, shock jock radio shows, and television programs he says are creating a culture of violence and degradation. Going beyond outrage, Thompson chronicles his own spiritual journey from bystander to activist and offers the sociological, medical, scientific, and legal evidence that will motivate all Americans--especially parents--to get involved…

Submitted:Sep 15, 2005
Author:Jack Thompson
Brand:Tyndale House Publishers
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26 diggs • 6 comments • Nov 20, 2005

Jack Thompson has a book out

Guess what's happened to his listing on Amazon.

12 diggs • 3 comments • Oct 21, 2005

Amazon users connect Jack Thompson's book to a certain act

Some cunning Amazon hackers have made a satirical "connection" between Jack Thompson's book and another that you need to see to believe. By using the fact that Amazon tracks what people view directly after another book, the hackers used a technique similar to googlebombing to connect another book to his.

11 diggs • 4 comments • Dec 14, 2005

Review Jack Thompson's Book! (at

Link to on Jack Thompson's Book titled, "Out of Harm's Way". About his fight on the gaming industry. Is hetrying to earn a buck? You bet he is!

3 diggs • 0 comments • Sep 15, 2005

Out of Harm's Way by Jack Thompson

Scroll down to Listmania!


Apple iPod 4 GB mini M9800LL/A (Silver) OLD MODEL

The engineers at APPLE squeezed all the finest features of the celebrated iPod into an anodized aluminum case weighing just 3.6 ounces, and smaller than any cell phone. This scratchproof, stainproof wonder provides over 25 minutes of skip protection, and lasts up to 18 hours per battery charge -- so, for once, you pay no penality for miniaturization! Includes sleek, wide range earbud headphones FireWire & USB 2.0 interface (USB 2.0 cable included) Can be charged via USB 2.0 Optional accessories - iPod Mini Dock, AC Adapter, In-Ear Headpones, Armband, Wired Remote and more Dimensions - 3.6 x 2.0 x 0.5 inches Finish - Silver

Submitted:May 12, 2005
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Category:MP3 Players
31 diggs • 8 comments • May 12, 2005

Ipod Mini $189 shipped!!

Amazon has Apple 4 GB iPods (2nd generation) for only $189 Shipped!

14 diggs • 0 comments • May 16, 2005

4GB iPod Mini for $189.05

Amazon has a great deal on the 4GB iPod mini. Get it now for $189 with free shipping. That's cheaper than the Apple store!

7 diggs • 0 comments • Aug 23, 2005

4GB Second Gen iPod Mini for $170

For those of you who don't pay taxes on Amazon purchases, this is probably the best deal you'll see on a 4GB iPod. Get it while it's hot, sale only lasts 18 hours!


Mac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard

Mac OS X is renowned for its simplicity, its reliability, and its ease of use. So when it came to designing Snow Leopard, Apple engineers had a single goal: to make a great thing even better. They searched for areas to refine, further simplify, and speed up from little things like ejecting external drives to big things like installing the OS. In many cases, they elevated great to amazing. Installation DVD Printed and electronic documentation

Submitted:Aug 1, 2009
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Category:Mac OS X
48 diggs • 0 comments • Sep 18, 2009

Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard. $25.00 cheap

Mac OS X is the world's most advanced operating system. Built on a rock-solid UNIX foundation and designed to be simple and intuitive, it's what makes the Mac innovative, highly secure, compatible, and easy to use. Quite simply there is nothing else like it.

3 diggs • 1 comment • Aug 1, 2009

Max OS X 10.6 ready for pre-order! Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard: Software (Upgrade)