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Qwirkle Board Game

Our tactile wooden block game combines the logic and strategy of Set® with the creative multi-maneuver game play of Scrabble®. Easy-to-learn rules mean you'll be creating columns and rows of matching colors and shapes in no time! Look for opportunities to score big by placing a tile that touches multiple pieces and matches both shapes and colors; the player with the most points wins. 108 blocks…

Submitted:Jan 3, 2011
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Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

An exciting D&D™ boardgame for 1–5 players.

The master of Ravenloft® is having guests for dinner—and you are invited!

Evil lurks in the towers and dungeons of Castle Ravenloft™, and only heroes of exceptional bravery can survive the horrors within. Designed for 1–5 players, this boardgame features multiple scenarios, challenging quests, and cooperative game play…

Submitted:Dec 11, 2010
Brand:Wizards of the Coast
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Ages 7 & up. In this unique word game, players use tiles to create words crossword-style. The first player to use all their tiles is the winner. With multiple ways to play, this game is perfect for beginning spellers, as well as more advanced players. No pencil, paper, or board required…

Submitted:Sep 27, 2008
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Great spelling game, This game is fun for the whole family. It also teaches children new words and spelling. There is no board required and you are building off your own words. You are playing independantly and as a group. You can also play this game alone. I have one and have bought 3 others as gifts. Challenging and rewarding! Great Game!

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USAopoly Nintendo Monopoly

The world's favorite board game combines with Nintendo to offer fans a brand new risk-taking gaming experience. Special Monopoly game features the most recognizable characters in the video game industry: Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Luigi, Ganon, Link, and Kirby. Each is represented by a collectible pewter game token. For 2-6 players…

Submitted:Sep 14, 2006
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Nintendo Monopoly

Customized game board features iconic characters from Nintendo's 7 most popular video game properties: Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Star Fox, and Wario

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Nintendo Monoply Now Available!

A few months ago, there was a story about a Nintendo version of Monoply. It's now available on Amazon for $29.95