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Gamecube Console Platinum

The GameCube is unlike any video game system you've ever seen before! It's power and gaming capabilities will shock you! 40MB of onboard memory means bigger game worlds, bigger enemies, and bigger battles can be stored Store your games on memory cards and load them instantly Analog AV output Includes special controller that connects through analog, digital or compnent video ports Color - Platinum

Submitted:Dec 28, 2007
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GameCube at Amazon for only $50

50% price cut on the Nintendo GameCube plus free shipping amounts to one amazing deal. Great way to play some of those classic video game titles while the Wii is still hard to find.


Iridion 2

Submitted:Feb 17, 2007
Brand:Majesco Sales Inc.
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Category:Game Boy Advance
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Video Game Iridion 2, Only $99,999.00 On Amazon!

It better be gold plated.Image:


Gamecube Component Video Cable

component video cable for gamecube. Cable made by Nintendo

Submitted:Dec 3, 2006
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Wii Component Cables 199 Bucks?!?!

hey i want a set of the cables but not for 50 dollars less than the machine costs!


PSone System - Video Game Console

One of the most successful video game consoles ever created has been miniaturized! The lightweight PS one packs gaming into a portable, compact unit. The 32-bit processor delivers all the power, visual clarity, and extraordinary gameplay of the original PlayStation. With available accessories like the LCD Screen (for PS one) and Car Adaptor (for PS one), the PS one console lets you take PlayStation gaming to places it's never been. Of course, it plays CDs too!

Submitted:Nov 17, 2006
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3 PlayStation Ones on Amazon, only $74.70 - no line! OMFG serious?

Why risk getting injured by fanboys running into line, disgruntled dental workers, stores closing, stores running out of stock, and disappointment that it can't do 1080i res? You can still brag to your friends that you got a playstation three... (of them).


Final Fantasy VII

like new

Submitted:Aug 16, 2006
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Final Fantasy VII for Playstation Costs a Minimum of $58.95 USED!!

Copies of Final Fantasy VII, including the Greatest Hits version, have been selling on Amazon for $58.95 to $165.00. Prices on EBay have been only slightly better.

7 diggs • 1 comment • Jan 3, 2007

Final Fantasy VII no longer some "old" ps1 game

I picked this classic game about a year after its release, used, for 15 bucks at my local game store. Now it sells for up to $500.00 new and can't be found for less than $100(new) on Amazon. All I can say is buy your ps1 games now because they are crossing the line from "old" to classic.

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Final Fantasy VII no longer an "old PS1 game"

I picked this classic game about a year after its release, used, for 15 bucks at my local game store. Now it sells for up to $250.00 new. All I can say is buy your ps1 games now because they are crossing the line from "old" to classic.

1 diggs • 0 comments • Apr 19, 2011 Final Fantasy VII: Playstation: Video Games Final Fantasy VII: Playstation: Video Games


Nintendo NES System - Video Game Console

Unparalleled, SMB blew open the doors to the videogaming world. With rich palettes of colour, eight four level worlds, spot-on play control, and expert level design, SMB was a much longer game than most of Atari's products and was a game unlike any other at that time. SMB also had the benefit of being very simple to grasp; run, jump, and fire. It was also the first side-sroller as we know it, though Atari's PITFALL set up the concept. Also, it's one of the best. Without SMB, NES wouldn't have been nearly as big a hit in the beginning. In the end, Nintendo came at the industry's key moment…

Submitted:Aug 9, 2006
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NES Systems for sale from $28.85 (New and Used)!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazon - Please read carefully to make sure you get what you are looking for.


Mission Impossible: Operation Surma

Can you save the world from the ICEWorm microchip? You are special agent Ethan Hunt back to battle international espionage as the fate of the free world hangs in the balance! A microchip nicknamed ICEWorm is disabling the security systems of the world s largest organizations and providing free access to the highest bidder. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to destroy the chip and prevent its creators from bringing the free world to its knees.Features:Revel in high-speed high-tension Time vs. Risk vs…

Submitted:Jun 3, 2006
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Mission Impossible: Operation Surma for XBOX: 89% off

Play as Ethan Hunt, leading your IMF team through a stealth-action Mission: Impossible; Control the gameplay with multiple paths toward completing each mission; Utilize classic IMF-style gadgets including scanners, Tackle missions in exotic locations including the Middle East, Rome and Eastern Europe; For 1 player


Game Boy Micro Black

The Game Boy Micro is a leap forward in portable gaming. In this tiny, cell-phone sized body you have the same technology that powers the popular Game Boy Advance SP. Shorter, thinner and lighter than an SP, it plays all the SP titles on the market. No more need to buy special game cases -- just shove it in your pocket or the cell phone pocket in your backpack when you're done. If you'd like the look of your system to be as cool as thegames you play on it, the new Game Boy Micro is for you. Supports standard headphones Dimensions(WxLxD) - 4 x 2 x 7/10 Color - Black

Submitted:May 11, 2006
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GBA Micro $50 at Amazon

The GBA Micro is on sale for $50 at Comes with 3 faceplates.


Star Fox Adventures

Starfox Adventures for Gamecube MODEL- DOL-P-GSAE VENDOR- NINTENDO FEATURES- Star Fox Adventures Breathtaking graphics and an epic storyline propel this all-new spectacular from Rare and Nintendo. The despotic General Scales has unleashed powers that are literally tearing apart the once-peaceful Dinosaur Planet. With the survival of Fox McClouds home planet at risk, the intrepid veteran of Star Fox 64 and Super Smash Bros. Melee gets an urgent message to battle Scales and his vast army of cackling SharpClaws. Fox gets strong support from Star Fox Team members Slippy, Peppy and Rob. Unexpected help comes from Prince Tricky, the playful heir to the EarthWalker tribal throne…

Submitted:Dec 24, 2005
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6 diggs • 4 comments • Dec 24, 2005

GameCube: Star Fox Adventure

Here's a solid 4-star game for a bargain bin price - $8-$10.


Mario Golf Advance Tour

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, you'll enjoy great golfing combined with fun platform action, straight from your favorite Mario games!

Submitted:Nov 27, 2005
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11 diggs • 1 comment • Nov 27, 2005

Mario Golf Advance Tour - $9.99 @ Amazon

71% off. For GBA. Expires 12/1/05.

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