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Game Boy Micro Black

The Game Boy Micro is a leap forward in portable gaming. In this tiny, cell-phone sized body you have the same technology that powers the popular Game Boy Advance SP. Shorter, thinner and lighter than an SP, it plays all the SP titles on the market. No more need to buy special game cases -- just shove it in your pocket or the cell phone pocket in your backpack when you're done. If you'd like the look of your system to be as cool as thegames you play on it, the new Game Boy Micro is for you. Supports standard headphones Dimensions(WxLxD) - 4 x 2 x 7/10 Color - Black

Submitted:May 11, 2006
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GBA Micro $50 at Amazon

The GBA Micro is on sale for $50 at Comes with 3 faceplates.


Game Boy Advance Console Black Edition

The Game Boy platform (which includes the original unit, the Game Boy Pocket, and the Game Boy Color) came to market when most video game consoles had a life expectancy of just a few years. More than a decade later, the system is still going strong. How did the Game Boy successfully compete--and in some cases bury--an onslaught of faster, more powerful handheld and home console systems? Let us count the ways: affordability, a huge library of games that consistently made the most of the hardware's limitations, smart power management that extended battery life, and uncluttered controls…

Submitted:Aug 24, 2005
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Nintendo Gameboy Advance 50% off (NO MiR!)

$35. Normally a $70 item. Im picking one up for the hell of it (Im sure I can find someone to give/sell this to if not just eBay).