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Gamecube Console Platinum

The GameCube is unlike any video game system you've ever seen before! It's power and gaming capabilities will shock you! 40MB of onboard memory means bigger game worlds, bigger enemies, and bigger battles can be stored Store your games on memory cards and load them instantly Analog AV output Includes special controller that connects through analog, digital or compnent video ports Color - Platinum

Submitted:Dec 28, 2007
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GameCube at Amazon for only $50

50% price cut on the Nintendo GameCube plus free shipping amounts to one amazing deal. Great way to play some of those classic video game titles while the Wii is still hard to find.


Game Cube Mario Party 7 Bundle

The GameCube Mario Party 7 Bundle turns your house into a constant party! Mario Party 7 contains 80 new mini-games for up to 8 players. Family & friends can compete in a family-friendly game that plays like a virtual board game. The game includes he Nintendo GameCube Mic, which accepts voice commands to control the action in some games. The bundle includes a Nintendo GameCube, two controllers and Mario Party 7 - at a price that's almost half what you'd pay if you purchased all this separarately…

Submitted:Nov 3, 2005
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Nintendo Gamecube + Mario Party 7 Bundle Set for $99.99

Mario Party 7 is a fun game to play in a group which is coming out on November 7th. Amazon / Toys $ Us is taking orders for a Gamecube / Mario Party 7 bundle set for $99.99 + Ship($4.49) + Tax. The game alone will retail for $49.99 so if you are planning to buy a gamecube, this may be a good time.