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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

From the desert to the plains, you'll be hauling loads and trying to stay one step ahead of the law, as you climb into your big rig for non-stop driving action. Race across America and deliver your load to its destination before the competition. so keep the tank full and your pedal to the metal as you rackup points and own the road…

Submitted:Jul 17, 2009
Brand:GameMill Publishing
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Big Rigs - The worst video game in history

I don't know if you guys know about this game, but it's supposed to be the worst video game ever made. And, following suit to what others have already started, I think we should write absolutely stellar reviews for it on Amazon.Here's the gamespot review so you can read about it first:

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THE WORST GAME EVER for $52.08 on Amazon!

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing - Yes, that game has somehow managed a price tag of more than it's original value.


Plant Tycoon [Game Download]

Plant Tycoon is a gardening simulation game where you nurture plants and experiment with increasingly rare and valuable species. Breed and cross breed plants until you find the 6 Magic Plants of Isola and solve the genetic puzzle! Grow plants, organize and harvest seeds, monitor your plants' health and maturity, and protect your plants from dehydration and infestations. Sell some of your creations to fund further research and purchase upgrades and supplies. It's the perfect sim experience!

Submitted:Feb 19, 2009
Brand:Last Day of Work
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Spore Creature Creator

SPORE Creature Creator is a powerful yet easy-to-use creation tool that anyone with a PC or Mac and a mouse can enjoy. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can assemble your creature from a wide range of parts. How do you feel about tentacles? Why only two eyes? Pull and stretch those parts exactly as you choose, then paint your creature with unique colors and patterns—this truly unprecedented level of flexibility lets you make a limitless number of fun creatures. Bring those creatures to life—see how they dance, strike a pose, and much more. In just a few minutes, anyone can easily make incredible animated creatures…

Submitted:May 11, 2008
Brand:Electronic Arts
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Spore Creature Editor Releases June 17

You have to buy it but you know you still want it.



From the creators of The Sims comes Spore, where you evolve a single-celled organism into a galactic god whose personality and abilities are completely up to you. Then interact with other players' creatures-including ones made by celebrities! EA Games. PC/MAC, NDS…

Submitted:Sep 12, 2007
Brand:Electronic Arts
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Amazon has deleted all the Spore reviews

I went to Amazon to give Spore a poor review for being a bad game with poor instruction, having a horrible EULA and the terrible DRM. When I arrived at the site I was surprised to see that Amazon had deleted all of the reviews.

10 diggs • 2 comments • Sep 8, 2008

Buying A Video Game Doesn't Mean You Own It

Turns out that you are allowed to install Spore 3 times before you have to call customer service and beg for one final install. So if you shell out $50 for Spore you are basically renting it.

6 diggs • 1 comment • Sep 12, 2008

Amazon removes over 2000 negative Spore reviews

After 5 short days of the rating page being hit by anti-DRM reviews, Amazon removes them all.

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Amazon removes all comments/ratings from Spore product page

Well I guess that's one way to control social media, just shut it down and turn it off.

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Amazon removes all customer reviews for Spore!

Probably at the request of EA. Hey, instead of fixing the problems people have with your game, just silence them!

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Spore Available for Pre-order NOW!

Finally! Release date is March 31, 2008.

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Amazon takes away stars from DRM infected Spore

More than one unhappy gamer has joined the rebel alliance against EA’s Spore, and voiced their opinion on Amazon’s customer review section of the game’s page.

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SPORE... oh how the mighty have fallen.

One of the most anticipated games in years now sits on sale with a 1-star rating on Why? Most people seem to hate the idea of "renting" SPORE, due to its choice of "draconian-like" DRM.

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Spore's DRM gives it a Customer Review of 1 Star

The DRM for the game utilizes securom which is essentially a virus that installs itself without warning when you install the game. There is no way to completely remove it without reformatting and it is constantly running in the background if not removed. This is actually a RENTAL, not a bought game because it only lets you install 3 times.

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Spore Scores 1 Star with Amazon Reviewer Due to DRM

EA apparently made the decision to use an aggressive DRM on their hot title Spore. Amazon reviewers are taking note that the game is not worth buying if users are getting stuck with a rootkit like DRM on their systems. On top of that, the game apparently isn't that good after all the hype.

3 diggs • 1 comment • Sep 12, 2007

SPORE to be released on March 31, 2008

Availability: This item will be released on March 31, 2008. Pre-order now! See details. Ships from and sold by

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Gamers bash EA at Amazon Comments for new game Spore

The new video game "Spore" uses some Root kit-like DRM solutions to prevent privacy..uhm sorry I mean "piracy", of course. Seems like a lot of gamers don't like this fact, as you can see in the Comments at Amazon (1,325 and counting...)

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Amazon Customer reviews Give SPORE terrible ratings!!!

EA Securom has many customers confused and frustrated over its DRM software and has the titles average review to 1/5

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Spore Preorder - The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

You had to buy her flowers, dinner, gifts, and candy. Tell her to return the favor and get you Spore. Ships 9/7 for $50, pre-order low price guarantee.