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Playstation 2 Star Wars Jedi Hunter Controller

Be jedi or sith. Your choice with these two cool remotes!

Submitted:May 28, 2006
Brand:Star Wars
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9 diggs • 1 comment • May 28, 2006

Cheap Star Wars Jedi Hunter PS2 Controller - $3.98 Shipped

Need an extra controller for your PS2? Here's one for less than $4 shipped!


Playstation 2 Action Replay Max

DATEL DUS0051-I PS2(R) Action Replay Max Packed with over 30,000 ultimate codes for PS2(R) titles ; Largest library of specially created codes; MAX strength, MAX ammo, infinite health, extra vehicles & secret characters Automatic Code Downloads automatically goes online & downloads the latest AR codes each time PS2(R) is booted up with a broadband connection to ; Powerful memory card manager frees up more space on any memory card ; DVD movie player that allows users to watch movies from PS2(R) ; Compatible with PlayStation(R) 2 Slim PS2(R) Action Replay Max

Submitted:Jul 23, 2005
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6 diggs • 2 comments • Jul 23, 2005

Action Replay MAX aka "The Enabler of Hot Coffee" (PS2) $15 shipped free at

By now you've heard all about the "Hot Coffee" controversy. Here's the device that lets you make it happen on the PS2 version of GTA:SA. Note: Apparently this item will not work with PS2 model SCPH 50001 or the slim PStwo