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Wii Kama Wireless Controller

Enjoy a new found freedom in all of your Wii games with the Kama Wireless Controller from Nyko. The Kama Wireless Controller provides all the same abilities and features of the wired Nunchuk, but with no cables tethered to the Wii Remote. The Kama Wireless Controller is compatible with all Wii software that utilizes the Nunchuk attachment and requires no additional software or modification of the Wii hardware to work, simply plug and play. The lightweight and compact dongle attaches to the bottom of the remote and provides a wireless range of up to 3 meters. Two AAA batteries (included) provide up to 30 hours of game play for extended gameplay sessions…

Submitted:Mar 15, 2008
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5 diggs • 0 comments • Mar 15, 2008 Nintendo Wii Wireless Nunchuck

Product Features * No restrictive wires for complete freedom while gaming * Compatible with all games that require the Nunchuk * Full accelerometer support for motion based gameplay


Wii Remote Controller

Games are many things to different people. Some see games as gateways to an unknown universe while others see them as extensions of the world around them. Nintendo created Wii to fit everyone's ideal break away from the everyday. The wireless, freehand Wii Remote not only makes games easy to play, it makes them more fun than ever before. Accentuating the sense of touch in the game lets you feel the heat of emotion with each movement. Because up to four players can grab a Wii Remote and play, there's always a party ready to happen with Wii! The Wii Remote frees you from cords and excessive, complicated buttons without sacrificing game play depth…

Submitted:Feb 24, 2007
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Wiimote: It beams money!

Man, I think that I am going to have to buy a couple of these money beamers.

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Wiimote in stock at Amazon

Get them while they're still in stock because they won't be for long!

9 diggs • 1 comment • Jun 6, 2007 Wii Remote Controller -(See Product Details)

Product Details: Beams money through Bluetooth up to 30 feet away /I take that as meaning the AA batteries that I'm buying every 3 or 4 days!

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Wii Remotes on Sale at Amazon

Wow? It's about time. Let's see how long this lasts.

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To make gaming as accessible to people of all ages and all abilities, Nintendo wanted to create a controller that was as inviting as it was sophisticated- the result is the Wii Remote. Nintendo fused the global familiarity of a remote control with the sophistication of motion-sensing technology.


Wii Classic Controller

Wii Classic Controller. Over the years Nintendo has innovated with controllers and control schemes that have become industry standards. The Classic Controller blends elements from Nintendos NES Super NES and N64 controllers to allow for seamless play control over the titles that span the Virtual Console library…

Submitted:Nov 8, 2006
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Amazon Not Shipping Wii Until Jan '07?!

Link goes to a Wii controller, but in the first comment, you will see the email I received from Amazon this morning. I had pre-ordered in Sep, and last night I changed the shipping address to my office so I wouldn't miss delivery. After the change, my delivery date became JAN 09, 2007! I wrote Amazon, and here is their reply.