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The Deal [Blu-ray]

A smooth talking movie producer (William H. Macy) and a straight arrow studio exec (Meg Ryan) reluctantly team up to take on Tinseltown and unexpectedly fall for each other in the process…

Submitted:Feb 3, 2009
Brand:Trinity Home Entertainment
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Category:Meg Ryan
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Jason Ritter, LL COOL J, Bill Macy & Meg Ryan In The Deal

Awesome movie. One of the best I've seen all year.


The Art of Soccer with John Cleese

Delving into the A-Z's of Soccer John Cleese Style

Here and now for the first time is your comprehensive guide to the great game of soccer (also known as football). Comedy legend John Cleese hosts this A-Z look at soccer's greatest kicks, goals, saves, bloopers, plays and penalties of all time, as well as soccer's influence on culture (including the famous Monty Python sketch, Philosophy Football ).

Featuring interviews with pop culture icons Dave Stewart, Dennis Hopper and Henry Kissinger, as well as soccer greats, including PelĂ©, Mia Hamm and Thierry Henry, The Art of Soccer is loaded with everything you could ever possibly want... and John Cleese…

Submitted:Jan 31, 2009
Brand:BFS ENT and Multimedia Limi
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Category:John Cleese
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The Art of Soccer with John Cleese

Funny DVD with sketches and satire about soccer / football in Europe


RV [Blu-ray]

RV - Blu-Ray Movie

Submitted:Aug 19, 2006
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Category:Robin Williams
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RV Movie, Available on DVD and... Blu-ray!

Well it looks like we're finally starting to see movies come out in the Blu-ray format! And yup you guessed it, it's a Sony Movie too!


Quick Change

The star of Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day headlines and co-directs this uproarious Big Apple heist-and-pursuit caper. Bill Murray plays Grimm, a frazzled urbanite who disguises himself as a clown - and sets out to rob a bank. Geena Davis and Randy Quaid play accomplices in Grimm's daring scheme and Jason Robards is the blustery cop caught up in Grimm's "Clown Day Afternoon." Swiping a million bucks is a snap compared to getting out of town. Grimm and cohorts commandeer a car, a cab, a bus, a baggage tram and a plane (and encounter future stars Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub in hilarious supporting roles) to make what becomes for them a less-than-merry escape…

Submitted:Aug 7, 2005
Brand:Warner Brothers
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Category:Bill Murray
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Quick Change comes to DVD!

"Up your butt with a coconut!" Finally, after years of waiting, the Bill Murray classic "Quick Change" makes it debut on DVD on August 30!