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Titanic (Three-Disc Special Collector's Edition)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar-nominee Kate Winslet light up the screen as Jack and Rose, the young lovers who find one another on the maiden voyage of the "unsinkable" R.M.S. Titanic. But when the doomed luxury liner collides with an iceberg in the frigid North Atlantic, their passionate love affair becomes a thrilling race for survival. From acclaimed filmmaker James Cameron comes a tale of forbidden love and courage in the face of disaster that triumphs as a true cinematic masterpiece…

Submitted:Sep 16, 2005
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Category:Love & Romance
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Titanic - 3 Disk Special Collector's Edition DvD!

Twentieth Century Fox will be releasing a 3 Disk Special Collector's edition dvd with: 9 min Alternate ending, 29 never-before-seen deleted scenes with optional commentary, high definition widescreen transfer and so much more!


Pirates of Silicon Valley

The revolution came when we weren't looking. It happened in a garage. In a dorm room. In countless hours of effort, imagining and intrigue. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates were changing the way the world works, lives and communicates. The event-packed saga of the quirky visionaries who jump-started the future unfolds with exhilarating, cutting-edge style in Pirates of Silicon Valley. Noah Wyle (ER) portrays Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall (The Dead Zone) portrays Gates in this chronicle of the fierce and often humorous battle to rule the fledgling personal computer empire. "The story is almost Shakespearean..…

Submitted:Aug 10, 2005
Brand:NEW Line Home Video
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Pirates of Silicon Valley DVD will be released on August 30th

That's right the movies based around the history of Apple and Microsoft will be coming to DVD soon. The movie is based on a novel by Paul Frieberger.

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Pirates of Silicon Valley Released on DVD!

One of my favorite movies of all time has finally come to DVD! If you haven't seen Pirates of Silicon Valley I *highly* recommend it to a technophile in any degree...

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